Penuel Christian Fellowship


pastor John Gariboldi


Hi everybody!

  My name is John Gariboldi and I love to teach the Bible! 

  Shortly after I got saved in 1993, the Lord placed on my heart a desire to pastor His people.  At the time I was living on Long Island and the Lord gave me a vision of my future wife and I living in upstate New York while pastoring a church in the "country".  After living in Rochester for a while, I was driving through LeRoy on business and the Lord directed my attention on this place.  Through prayer and meeting of certain brothers and sisters in the Lord, a little Bible study was formed that met every Thursday for 3 1/2 years until eventually we prayerfully decided to start Sunday Service.  It has been a wonderful journey thus far and a real growing experience in the Lord.  I have enjoyed watching the Lord work in my life and the lives of His people.  It's exciting to be a part of His Body here on earth and to worship together in our home away from Home. 

  My desire as a minister of the Gospel is to see people be set free from the horrible grip of sin.  Sin promises love, joy and peace, but it is a lie that devastates and rips through you and those around you without mercy.  Only through the Lord Jesus Christ can this freedom be found.  Through prayer, repentance, and a real commitment to Him you WILL see real growth and life changing emotional and physical qualities take place in your life.

  We are here to walk with you before, during, and after your commitment to Jesus Christ.  This is called discipleship.  We know it is hard at first to maintain your commitment to Christ due to family, friends, addiction, and other circumstances.  By attending Penuel Christian Fellowship you will get solid Bible study at every service and will be encouraged  to read on your own.  We have many free books and tracts to help you on your journey.  Remember, the Bible is the word of GOD, so it would make sense to read it and see what God would have for us.  Did you ever ask yourself the question, "What does God want me to know?".  Well, the answers can be found in His very words to us.  We read and comment on the entire Bible!  What a joy! 

  If you're tired of the life you're living, like I once was, consider coming to Penuel, visit with us, ask us questions, discover the God who created us all and His Son Jesus Christ Who offers us salvation (the only way to Heaven). 

  The person who led me to Christ was a Christian counselor.  I desperately needed help from my depression, despair, alcoholism, and sinful lifestyle.  I didn't know what I was getting into, but God did!  She told me all about the sin we are born with and the way to a new life in Christ.  This was done through general conversation and Christian workbooks.  It was a wonderful time of learning, growth and freedom.  I realized then that counseling (or discipleship) is a very important aspect of Christian ministry.  And it's Biblical too!  Praise God! 

  Please feel free to email me and we can talk about anything.

In the Love of God...John